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Breach of Warranty on New Vehicle

Breach of Warranty on New Vehicle

By In Uncategorized On January 25, 2020

A client purchased a new car and began having problems. The car would frequently stall out while he was driving. The client took the car to the dealership several times to have the problem fixed. The dealership tried a number of different repairs, but the problem persisted. Finally, he came to me for a consultation.

I wrote a letter to the dealership and insisted that it take back the car and refund my client’s money. When the dealership refused, I filed a lawsuit on behalf of my client against the manufacturer and the dealer. The case was ultimately sent to arbitration, due to a clause in the sales contract.

Following a hearing, the arbitrator, a retired judge, issued an order that required the manufacturer and dealership to take back the car and cancel the sales contract, refund my client’s purchase money, contact the credit bureau and correct any injury to his credit caused when he stopped making payments on the defective vehicle, and pay me an attorney fee.

Each case is unique. The results in this case are no assurance that we could obtain the same outcome in your case or in someone else’s case.

We have more than 20 years of experience with product warranty matters. If you need help with such a case please call us for a consultation