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The Icing on the Prepper’s Cake

Recently, I prepared a last will and testament, an advance directive for healthcare, and a power of attorney for an older couple. They held hands as we reviewed some of the documents. The wife had suffered some health problems, and they had been[...]

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Suspension of In-Person Court Proceedings

The Supreme Court of Alabama has ordered all nonessential in-person court proceedings to be postponed until after April 16. This will provide an opportunity for public health officials to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. We at the Hogg Law Firm will continue[...]

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Breach of Warranty on New Vehicle

A client purchased a new car and began having problems. The car would frequently stall out while he was driving. The client took the car to the dealership several times to have the problem fixed. The dealership tried a number of different repairs,[...]

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Breach of Warranty on Used Auto

My client purchased a vehicle at a used car lot and received a warranty. Shortly thereafter, my client took the car to be checked by a mechanic, who found several issues with the vehicle. The used car lot refused to honor the warranty[...]

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No Jurisdiction

Failing to pay a filing fee and have the other side served with the complaint means that the court does not have jurisdiction over the parties or the case.[...]

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A Scathing Order

A judge is displeased with a parent's attempt to get "emergency custody" of the children.[...]

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Jealousy is not Grounds for Custody

We have more than 20 years of experience with child custody matters. If you need help with such a case please call us for a consultation. [...]

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